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4/18/05 - I'm working on some other projects now to take a break from KotOC, while I shop for a new scanner. It'll be back shortly, although probably not at full time.

My other works can be found on my live journal page at:

4/14/05 - Lack of a scanner has put me back to vector art, but I'm actually thinking of staying with it. I might, however not be staying with KotOC. Don't worry, I won't end it, but as for the daily grind, I'm thinking about dipping into some of my other projects. If I do, KotOC will return to sprite comics, updated approximately Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

4/4/05 - Okay, due to some communication probelsm between Dalton and his host, the comic never got put up on the site. Fortunately, Dalton was quick enough to post it on the Daily Grind message board (careful, it's kinda hot right now), so I'm safe. So I'm putting it up on my website, as a comic for April 2nd.

4/1-05 - April Fools. Today's comic was drawn by fellow Grinder Tim. Check out my contribution at Dalton Sharp's Love is Lava

Link's Coming to Town! My own music video set to the heroic exploits of Link as seen on the old Legend of Zelda Cartoon show.

Of course, if you want to up the comic on my priority list, a few donations would definitely help. ^__^ Seriously though, this comic takes up a good portion of my free time with little to no return, so a little contribution would be very appreciated.

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Still haven't gotten around to making a fan art page so here's the links to the fan art from Dude, of Akkanys Chibi Theater.

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look at the bonus comic, inspired by Link's favorite comic from the series Lethal Doses.

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